postdoctoral fellolwship in diffusion MRI at NYU School of Medicine, NY

A postdoctoral fellowship is available at NYU School of Medicine in quantitative diffusion MRI to study neurodegeneration. Potential applicants will join a diverse team of scientists in New York City lead by drs. Els Fieremans and Dmitry Novikov to develop biophysical models of brain microstructure, and contribute to clinical translation of novel early-stage pathology biomarkers.  Please see the detailed description below and distribute further to anyone interested.

The Science:  We are looking deep into the brain’s cellular architecture, down at the scale of 1-10 microns, known as the mesoscopic scale, where changes are likely to correlate with early-stage pathology. As postdoctoral fellow you will contribute to quantification of the mesoscopic complexity of brain tissue using a combination of biophysical modeling and optimized diffusion acquisition. Under the guidance of Els Fieremans, PhD, and Dmitry Novikov, PhD, you will employ higher-order diffusion metrics, beyond DTI and DKI, recently developed in our group. Examples are models of time-dependent diffusion; relation between the diffusion MR signal and neurite (axon/dendrite) properties; as well as mesoscopic fiber tractography. You will join a vibrant community of graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, engineers, basic scientists, and clinical practitioners in one of the most dynamic medical centers in the world. And you will have ample opportunity to pursue your own research or contribute to other projects.

The Candidate: You are a self-driven, creative,and interactive scientist strongly motivated to acquire new skills and to engage in interdisciplinary research. You have earned (or are about to earn) a PhD in a relevant area, such as neuroscience, physics, computer science or biomedical engineering. You have a proven publication record in one of the following:

  • Diffusion MRI acquisition and post processing
  • Biophysical modeling and Monte Carlo simulations
  • Imaging studies of neurodegenerative disorders

The Institution: The Center for Biomedical Imaging (CBI) at the Department of Radiology is home to about 80 basic researchers covering all areas of MRI, ranging from RF coil design to parallel imaging, compressed sensing, MR fingerprinting and biophysical modeling of diffusion, perfusion and relaxation. We believe that the best science requires intense collaboration. At CBI, basic researchers and clinicians occupy the same building and interact frequently through labs, forums, lectures, coffee breaks and happy hours.

Our Facilities: We have access to 12 MR systems: clinical 1.5T and 3T Siemens MRI scanners (including a 3T Prisma and a PET/MR system), as well as a micro PET and a 7T Bruker animal scanner. We are located in midtown Manhattan.

Fine Print:  The postdoctoral position is for two years and depends on your performance. We will pay a salary commensurate with your experience, and you will get a generous benefits package.

To Apply: Email your cover letter, a statement of research interests, and a CV including a list of publications and contact information of three references (all in PDF format), to