Postdoctoral position – Structural Biophysics Laboratory, National Cancer Institute – R. Andrew Byrd

A position will be open beginning in October 2019 for a postdoctoral fellow (recent PhD within 1-1.5 years). The position is open to all applicants, non-US citizens will be provided with J1 visa.

Two projects may be considered: 1) allostery, dynamics and structural studies of E2 and E3 enzymes in the ubiquitin proteosomal degradation pathway; 2) investigating the membrane surface complexes and mechanism of action for Arf1 and the ArfGAP protein ASAP1.

We are looking for a motivated researcher who works cooperatively and has skills in NMR, structural biology, and interest in hybrid/integrated approaches to examining multicomponent protein complexes. We utilize NMR, SAXS, DEER, and are engaging cryoEM in our studies.

We have excellent facilities for all methodologies. Recent publications include:
Chakrabarti etal., Structure 25:794(2017), Li et al., Biochemistry 58:1423 (2019), Chao et al., JACS 138(23):7337 (2016), JACS 141(30):11881 (2019).

Interested candidates should contact R.A. Byrd by email ( and could arrange to meet at the upcoming EUROMAR/ISMAR meeting in Berlin, August 2019.