Postdoctoral Position in the Byrd lab, NCI, available October 1, 2017

A position is open in the lab of R. Andrew Byrd, Structural Biophysics Laboratory (SBL), Center for Cancer Research, National Cancer Institute.  The project involves structural and biophysical characterization of the allosteric complexes formed along the reaction path for E2 and E3 enzymes in the ubiquitination pathway. Previous studies have examined structures, biophysics, and dynamics of one E2:E3 pair (Mol. Cell 2009, 2012; EMBO 2013; Structure 2015, 2017). The ongoing project aims to examine the complex of ubiquitinated E2 with E3 in different states to develop a global understanding of domain functions within the E3 pertaining to positioning the ubiquitin and substrate recruitment.


The project relies on NMR that is complimented with biophysical measurements, molecular dynamics simulations, and other structural tools such as SAXS, DEER, crystallography and collaboration with a cryoEM group in the SBL. Facilities include NMR spectrometers in the range of 500-850 MHz with cryoprobes and solid-state capabilities (600 MHz). SAXS is supported by in-house and synchrotron data collection. Our Biophysics Resource includes MS, fluorescence, calorimetry, thermophoresis, DLS, CD, and other common tools. 


Applications and informal queries about the research project and the lab should be directed by email to R. Andrew Byrd ( We are looking for a highly motivated colleague, scientifically independent and creative, and capable of contributing to a team environment and working with biological collaborators. Interested applicants require a Ph.D. in Structural Biology, Biochemistry, Biophysics, or related fields. High expertise in at least one of the following areas is mandatory: Solution NMR spectroscopy, protein biochemistry, crystallography. Applications should send a cover letter summarizing current and future research interest, a CV, publication list, and contact information for at least three references.