Postdoctoral Position in Membrane Protein NMR at TUM / Helmholtz Center Munich

A Postdoctoral Position in the Field of Structural Biology of Membrane Proteins (TV-L E13 pay scale) is available at the Helmholtz Center for Environmental Health Munich

The lab of Structural Membrane Biochemistry at the Technical University of Munich and the Helmholtz Center for Environmental Health headed by Prof. Dr. Franz Hagn is seeking excellent candidates for a postdoctoral position in the field of solution-state NMR spectroscopy and biochemistry of membrane proteins.
The position will be located at the new research building of the Bavarian NMR Center funded by the Technical University of Munich and the Helmholtz Center for Environmental Health, which houses state-of-the-art NMR equipment (500-950MHz), as well as excellent wet-lab and other biophysical facilities (e.g. CD and fluorescence spectroscopy, calorimetry). X-ray crystallography and electron microscopy labs are next door and a high performance computing center is located on campus. 
The successful candidate is supposed to independently conduct NMR experiments for the determination of structure and dynamics of membrane proteins. Biochemical wet lab experience is a prerequisite for these studies. Additional knowledge of other biophysical methods, like electron microscopy or crystallography is a plus.
The research project will be focused on the production of functional membrane proteins, their biophysical characterization and structure determination using NMR spectroscopy as a main tool, as well as functional assays and appropriate experiments for probing interactions with partner (membrane-) proteins. 
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Salary is commensurate with experience within the German payscale level TV-L E13. A two-year time commitment is expected, with a possible extension of another one or two years.
The application should consist of a CV, a statement of research interests in the context of prior work, and the contact information of 2-3 references. These materials as a single pdf file should be e-mailed to Dr. Franz Hagn at the address shown below. 

Prof. Dr. Franz Hagn

Structural Membrane Biochemistry
Dept. of Chemistry
Institute for Advanced Study
Technical University of Munich
Lichtenbergstr. 4
85747 Garching
Ph: +49-89-289-10683