Postdoctoral position in Membrane Protein Structure / Protein NMR

A 3-year postdoctoral position in Membrane Protein Structure / Protein NMR is available at the University of Warwick, UK under the supervision of Dr. Ann Dixon.

The post is funded by the Medical Research Council, and is focused on exploring the roles of transmembrane domains in the assembly and function of the B-cell receptor (BCR), one of the most important immune receptors in humans which controls B-cell development, activity, selection and death. Aberrant BCR signalling leads to autoimmune diseases, B-cell leukaemias, and lymphomas, thus it is a therapeutic target of great interest.  The project involves use of a variety of biochemical and biophysical methods (especially solution-state NMR spectroscopy) to investigate the structures and interactions of the BCR transmembrane domains in model membranes and in natural membranes. We will  work in close collaboration with experts in the biology of this receptor, in order to translate our structural findings in situ into cells and more fully relate structure to function. 

Applicants must have completed (or be soon to complete) a PhD or equivalent in chemistry, biochemistry or a related discipline. A keen interest in structural biology and a proven ability in innovative and effective experimental research are essential. Applicants must also have demonstrable experience in molecular biology and overproduction and purification of recombinant proteins as well as protein solution-state NMR spectroscopy.

Further information about the project and application procedure can be found at:

The application deadline is July 30th 2017.
Interested candidates may contact Dr. Dixon via e-mail