Postdoctoral position in Molecular Biophysics / NMR-based Structural Biology in Rosario/Argentina

Postdoctoral position in Molecular Biophysics / NMR-based Structural Biology

We are seeking a Postdoc student for a position at the Max Planck for Structural Biology, Chemistry and Molecular Biophysics of Rosario (UNR-MPIbpC), located at Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina. Candidates should have a Ph.D in natural or life sciences and demonstrated research work in the fields of Molecular Biophysics and/or NMR-based Structural Biology (experience in protein NMR spectroscopy is highly recommended). The position will be funded by MPLbioR for a period of 2 years starting in February 1st, 2019, with possibility of extension.

Candidates should submit a CV and a list of 2 referees no later than December 31st, 2018. Submission must be done to the email-address /

Created in 2015 and headed by Prof. Dr. Claudio O. Fernandez the MPLbioR is connected to the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry (mentor: Prof. Dr. Christian Griesinger, NMR-based Structural Biology Department) and is part of the bilateral PhD program in Molecular Biosciences and Biomedicine between the University of Rosario (UNR) and the Göttingen Campus.

The MPLbioR consists of a modern building infrastructure of about 1300 m2 where scientists have access to laboratories of Molecular and Cell Biology, Chemistry, Molecular Biophysics and Structural Biology, equipped with modern technology. In the Molecular Biology area there are one high-perfomance liquid chromatography system for the purification of proteins, a lyophilizer, as well as all the necessary equipments for the expression, production and storage of recombinant proteins (orbital incubators (5), sonicator (1), freezer -80ºC (1), PCR device (1), electrophoresis units (3), bench and floor centrifuges (3), with and without refrigeration, industrial autoclave, stoves, etc). The Cell Biology area consists of two cell culture rooms fully equipped with laminar flow hoods (3), stoves with CO2 control (2), electroporation equipment (1), microscopes and bench centrifuges. In the Chemistry area a high-efficiency analytical (1) amd preparative (1) liquid chromatograph with UV detection and ELSD are available, added to hoods extraction (5) and rectification (1). In the Biophysics area the following minor technology is available: one spectrofluorometer, one circular dichroism spectropolarimeter, one light dynamic scattering equipment, one isothermal titration calorimetry (ITC) equipment, one fluorescence reader device in microplates / cuvettes with shaking and anisotropy (TR-FRET and Alpha Screen) and two electron absorption spectrophotometers. Regarding major equipments, the following state-of-the-art equipment is available: 1) 600 MHz Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer, digital, equipped with cryoprobe technology, located at the Structural Biology area; 2) a confocal microscope and an inverted fluorescence microscope equipped with accessories to perform FRAP studies and acquire images of living cells for long periods of time located at the Biophysics area.


Max Planck for Structural Biology, Chemistry and Molecular Biophysics of Rosario, MPLbioR (UNR-MPIbpC)

Instituto de Investigaciones para el Descubrimiento de Fármacos de Rosario, IIDEFAR (UNR-CONICET)

Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina


December 31st, 2018


Molecular Biophysics and Structural Biology of Neurodegenerative Diseases

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Dr. Dirk Bockelmann

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