Postdoctoral position in NMR of materials for energy storage at UCSB (Santa Barbara, USA)

The postdoctoral research position is based at the Materials Department, University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB), in the group of Prof. Raphaële Clément. The position is available from October, 1st, 2018, with an initial one-year contract renewable upon mutual agreement for two additional years.

Project Description

The research program focuses on the study of paramagnetic rechargeable battery materials using a variety of solid-state NMR (and EPR) techniques. The work will be in close collaboration with the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, as well as other U.S. Universities and research groups at UCSB. In addition to developing a deep understanding of structure-property relationships for battery electrode materials, the postdoctoral researcher will be given the opportunity to acquire new experimental skills such as the solid-state synthesis of electrodes, and the preparation and testing of electrochemical cells. A strong emphasis will be placed on the combined use of experimental and theoretical tools to investigate changes in the local structure and electrochemical processes taking place during charge and discharge. Specifically, the interpretation of experimental paramagnetic NMR (and EPR) data will be assisted by first principles calculations of paramagnetic NMR/EPR parameters (an area of expertise of our group), and by insights gained from Monte Carlo and density functional theory simulations of electrode materials at different stages of the charge/discharge cycle (through ongoing collaborations).

Relevant publications

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Requirements and Preferred Experience

The requirements for the position are a Ph.D. in Chemistry, Materials Science, Physics or Engineering, and experience with standard solid-state NMR techniques (e.g. CP/MAS, REDOR, etc.). Experience with paramagnetic NMR and/or EPR is a plus. In addition to performing research, the postdoc will be expected to provide assistance with the training of graduate and undergraduate students.

The Magnetic Resonance Facilities at UCSB

The spectroscopy facility of the Materials Research Laboratory at UCSB (see comprises an X-band EPR spectrometer as well as several solid-state NMR spectrometers, including a 300 MHz system equipped with a MRI/diffusion probe, a 400 MHz DNP-NMR spectrometer, and 500 MHz and 800 MHz systems. All spectrometers are equipped with a range of MAS probes, with a fast spinning 1.3 mm probe (60 kHz MAS) available on the 500 MHz system. In addition, the Terahertz facility at UCSB ( is uniquely equipped with a high field high power EPR system.

Additional Information

Interested candidates should send a cover letter, a résumé (including a list of publications), and the names and email addresses of at least two references to

Raphaële Clément

Assistant Professor, Materials Department
Materials Research Laboratory, Room 3009
University of California, Santa Barbara, CA 93106-5121

Phone: 805-893-4294