Postdoctoral Position in NMR Studies of Disordered Proteins at University of Illinois Chicago

A postdoctoral position is available in NMR studies of disordered proteins at the Zhou biophysics group at University of Illinois Chicago. This NIH-supported research focuses on characterizing (1) conformational ensembles under dilute and cell-like crowded conditions; and (2) dynamics and mechanisms during binding to target proteins. The Center for Structural Biology at UIC maintains Bruker 900, 800, and 600 MHz spectrometers.

In addition to solution NMR, candidates should have experience in protein expression and purification and in using other biophysical instruments including fluorescence, circular dichroism, and stopped-flow spectrometers. Those with experience or interest in combining biomolecular NMR and computational biophysics are particularly sought.

Please send a CV and names and addresses of three references to Huan-Xiang Zhou at