Postdoctoral position at the University of Leicester

A postdoctoral position is available in the group of Cyril Dominguez at the University of Leicester, UK to study the post-translational modifications of the oncogenic splicing factor Sam68 using NMR spectroscopy.


We are looking to recruit an experienced postdoctoral researcher to take a leading role in the NMR investigation of post-translational modifications of the oncogenic Sam68 splicing factor. We have recently solved the structure of Sam68 in complex with RNA (Feracci et al, Nat Commun, 2016) and this BBSRC-funded project we will investigate how post-translational modifications affect Sam68 structure, localization, RNA binding and functions in alternative splicing. We will focus on the poorly understood Serine/Threonine phosphorylation of Sam68 and the EGFR signalling pathway in prostate and colorectal cancer cells and organoid cultures because both Sam68 and component of the EGFR pathway are frequently mutated in these types of cancer.

We will use NMR in combination with biochemical and cell biology assays to address the following questions:

1- Which amino acids of Sam68 are modified in cells?

2- Which modifications of Sam68 occur in response to EGFR pathway?

3- What are the consequences of these modifications on Sam68 structure, RNA binding, localization and alternative splicing function?


Informal inquiries can be made to Cyril Dominguez (


To apply, go to Reference number: CLS02008-1. Application deadline: 12th of March 2018.


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