Postdoctoral positions on LLPS in the formation and function of membrane-less organelles

Postdoctoral positions in Tanja Mittag’s laboratory at

St Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Department of Structural Biology

Memphis, TN, USA

We have several Postdoctoral positions available to study

Liquid-liquid phase separation (LLPS) in the formation and function of membrane-less organelles

We are particularly interested in

  • sequence features of disordered protein regions (IDRs) undergoing LLPS
  • structure of IDRs in the dense liquid phase
  • sequence-conformation relationships of IDRs
  • enzymatic function in the dense liquid phase
  • diseases associated with LLPS

We use high-field NMR spectroscopy, scattering methods, AUC, fluorescence methods, light microscopy, biochemical assays and cell biology. (But not all of these in a single project!)

We are collaborating with several other groups in the field. Please contact me for more information at

A. Molliex, J. Temirov, J. Lee, M. Coughlin, A.P. Kanagaraj, H.J. Kim, T. Mittag*, J.P. Taylor*. (2015) Phase Separation by Low Complexity Domains Promotes Stress Granule Assembly and Drives Pathological Fibrillization. Cell. 163 (1): 123-33. PMID: 26406374

M. Marzahn, S. Marada, J. Lee, A. Nourse, S. Kenrick, H. Zhao, G. Ben-Nissan, R.M. Kolaitis, J.L. Peters, S. Pounds, W.J. Errington, G.G. Prive, J.P. Taylor, M. Sharon, P. Schuck, S.K. Ogden*, T. Mittag*. (2016) Higher-order oligomerization promotes localization of SPOP to liquid nuclear speckles. EMBO J. 35 (12): 1254-75.