Postdoctoral positions in solid-state NMR of membrane proteins at NCSU

Postdoctoral positions are available in solid-state Nuclear Magnetic Resonance of membrane proteins at the Chemistry Department, North Carolina State University (NCSU - Raleigh, NC, USA) . Possible projects include: structure determination of membrane proteins and probing their ligand-induced conformational changes by solid-state NMR, pulse sequence development, reconstitution of membrane proteins in magnetically aligned nanodiscs, and microwave instrumentation development for DNP. Motivated prospective graduate students are also encouraged to apply to our multidisciplinary Chemistry PhD program. NCSU is located in the vibrant Research Triangle Park area with close proximity to other top Universities (UNC Chapel Hill, Duke) and numerous companies (BASF, GSK, IBM, and soon Apple, etc.­­­­). Please send further inquires to Alex Nevzorov at:; link to research webpage:


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Alex Nevzorov