Research Associate position at the University of Virginia

The Bushweller lab at the University of Virginia is seeking a Research Associate (postdoc).

The Bushweller lab is both a structural biology and a chemical biology lab. Structure/function studies of transcription factor drivers of cancer, particularly in leukemia, have been a long-term focus of the group. Chemical biology efforts to develop small molecule inhibitors of transcription factor drivers in cancer is also a focus of the group. More info on the lab can be found on our website:

This postdoc position will have two focus areas. The primary focus will be on structure/function studies of protein-RNA interactions that play a critical role in normal blood cell development as well as leukemia. In addition, this position will have a key role in supporting inhibitor development efforts targeting transcription factor drivers in cancer. The individual will have full access to the Biomolecular Magnetic Resonance Facility at UVA which includes an 800 MHz NMR spectrometer with cryoprobe, a 600 MHz NMR spectrometer with cryoprobe and SampleJet, as well as room temperature 600 (2) and 500 (1) MHz NMR spectrometers.

It is our expectation that this individual will have significant experience in the expression and purification of proteins, labeling of proteins for NMR studies, application of heteronuclear NMR methods for resonance assignment and structure determination, and determination of structures using NMR. Experience in the application of X-ray crystallography would be beneficial as well, but is not essential.

To apply for the position, please use the link below: