Seven postdoctoral positions in RNA Biology

7 postdoctoral positions are available in Leicester and Glasgow (PIs: Cyril Dominguez, Ian Eperon, Andrew Hudson, Glenn Burley and Alasdair Clark).
This is a multi-disciplinary research project aiming at understanding how RNA binding proteins control splice site selection.
We are interested in recruiting excellent and ambitious postdocs with expertise in:
- NMR studies of protein-RNA complexes (Dominguez)
- RNA Biochemistry (Eperon)
- Single molecule biophysics (Eperon, Hudson)
- Physical Chemistry (Hudson, Burley)
- Synthetic chemistry (Burley)
- Nano-engineering (Clark)
If you are interested, please contact either:
Ian Eperon (, Cyril Dominguez (, Andrew Hudson (, Glenn Burley ( or Alasdair Clark (