ISMAR awards the ISMAR prize every other year for outstanding achievement in the field of magnetic resonance. The ISMAR Prize is presented during the opening session of the ISMAR conferences and it is sponsored by Cambridge Isotope Laboratories.

2017 - Alexander Pines

Professor Alexander Pines is awarded the 2017 ISMAR prize for his many landmark contributions to magnetic resonance, in particular to solid-state NMR, including time-reversal of dipole-dipole couplings, cross polarization of dilute spins in solids, multiple-quantum spectroscopy, double rotation and dynamic angle spinning of quadrupolar nuclei, the geometric (Berry) phase, ex situ and remote detection, ultralow and zero-field NMR and MRI, optical hyperpolarization and detection, functionalized hyperpolarized Xe as a biosensor, and his leadership as an inspiring teacher and mentor in the field.