Swedish NMR-meeting 2014

Swedish NMR-meeting 2014, 11-13 November, Gothenburg will target NMR in a broad sense and aim to bring together practitioners in NMR for the purpose of generating new ideas and promoting collaborations.

Registration & Info: available from September 18 at http://www.nmr.gu.se/english/courses/swedish-nmr-meeting

Venue:  Conference Centre Wallenberg, Medicinaregatan 20 A, Gothenburg

Registration fee
    Students & postdocs       1000 kr
    Academic                        1500 kr
    Regular                           3000 kr

     Financial support: Free accommodation will be available for PhD students and postdocs who submit an abstract.

    Abstract submission considered for oral presentations 15 October
    Registration               1 November
    Payment                     as noted in the bill

Organization committee:
Mikael Akke                       LU
Mate Erdelyi                      GU
Gerhard Gröbner                UmU
Istvan Furo                         KTH
Göran Karlsson                  GU
Patrik Lundström               LiU
Vladislav Orekhov             GU
Tineke Papavoine              AZ
Corine Sandstrom              SLU
Jurgen Schleucher             UmU
Daniel Topgaard                LU

Preliminary program *:

Keynote lecture                              Ilya Kuprov, University of Southampton, UK

Biomolecular NMR                       Katja Petzold, KI

NMR Dynamics                               Magnus Wolf-Watz, UU

Solid-state NMR                              Torleif Härd, SLU; Mattias Eden, SU

Diffusion NMR & Bioimaging         Daniel Topgaard, LU

Small molecules                              Mate Erdelyi, GU

Metabolomics                                   Tineke Papavoine, AstraZeneca

Methodology                                     Istvan Furo, KTH      

*The program includes a keynote lecture, seven thematic sessions (with the key session speakers indicated), and a poster session.

Additional speakers will be selected from registered abstracts.
Bruker and Agilent user meetings will be organized throughout the meeting.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014 to Thursday, November 13, 2014
Gothenburg, Sweeden