Symposium "Catalysis by Design Using NMR", Lille (France), March 15 to 17, 2017

This interdisciplinary symposium aims at presenting the most recent advances in both areas of catalysis and NMR spectroscopy, at bringing together international experts of catalysis and NMR spectroscopy and at fostering collaborations and exchanges between these two communities.

Confirmed speakers include Anne Lesage (ISA, Lyon), Gerd Buntkowsky (TU Darmstadt), Pierre Florian (CEMHTI, Orleans), P. K. Madhu (TIFR, Mumbai), Christian Fernandez (LCS, Caen), Subramanian Ganapathy (NCL, Pune), Bruno Alonso (ICG, Montpellier), Vipin Agarwal (TIFR, Hyderabad), Bruno Chaudret (Académie des sciences, LPCNO, Toulouse), Celine Chizalet (IFPEN, Lyon), Laurent Maron (LPCNO, Toulouse)…

This symposium is sponsored by Indo-French center for the promotion of advanced research (IFCPAR), the Lille University of Science and Technology and the network of high-field solid-state NMR centers (FR2950).  Due to the generosity of the sponsors, we are able to offer free registration and lunches.

Please register for the symposium at the website

The deadline for the registration is Feb. 28, 2017.

The deadline for abstract submission is Feb. 21, 2017 for oral and poster presentations. Please submit the abstract at

Scientific and organizing committee : Olivier Lafon (chair), Vivek Polshettiwar (co-chair), Jean-Paul Amoureux, Laurent Delevoye, Regis Gauvin, P. K. Madhu, Frederique Pourpoint, Julien Trébosc

Wednesday, March 15, 2017 to Friday, March 17, 2017
Lille (France)