Symposium in Honor of Prof. Jacob Schaefer - Jan. 6, 2017

Washington University is holding a special symposium in Jake Schaefer’s honor—after the release of a special issue of the Elsevier journal,  Solid State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, in his honor, to celebrate the developments of CPMAS and REDOR. 

Symposium in Honor of Jacob Schaefer

Date:  Friday Jan. 6, 2017

Location:  Chemistry Department, Washington University, St. Louis

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Confirmed Speakers


Alexander Barnes, Washington University

Technology for Electron Decoupling and Pulsed DNP in Rotating Solids


Lynette Cegelski, Stanford University

CPMAS and REDOR: Bugs, Films, and Leaves


Hellmut Eckert, WWU Muenster, Germany

Inspired by Rochester 1988: Using REDOR for Structural Studies of Inorganic Glasses


Joel Garbow, Washington University School of Medicine

Monsanto to Washington University: Tales of a Schaefer Post-doc


Terry Gullion, West Virginia University

Some Recollections of REDOR and Some Observations of Peptides on Gold Nanoparticles


Joon Kim, Baylor University

How mosquitoes and algae get fat: carbon metabolic fluxes by solid-state NMR


Matt Merritt, Univ. of Florida, Gainesville

Paths Less Traveled: Using NMR to Understand Metabolism


Gary Patti, Washington University

Metabolic Anachronisms from Jake Schaefer's 1985 Lab Notebook


Ayyalusamy Ramamoorthy, Univ. of Michigan

Dynamic Structural Interactions between Membrane-Bound Cytochrome-P450 and Redox Partners by NMR


Asher Schmidt, Technion University, Israel

Biominerals interfaces and mesoporous materials surfaces:  the molecular REDOR eyes expose mechanistic pathways in functional materials.


David Weliky, Michigan State University

Solid-State NMR of Viral Fusion Proteins

Friday, January 6, 2017
St Louis, USA