Stem Cells & Advanced Cell Technologies Safety

The unit is equipped with first aid kits, laser and hazardous material protective accessories according to the WIS Safety Unit guidance


All users are responsible for:

Personal safety, use of personal protective equipment matching the nature and course of work/hazard material. Waste disposal should be done in accordance with WIS Safety Unit regulations (

Practice correct and safe work without risking yourself and your colleagues.


LMD users are responsible for:

Attending a laser safety guidance before the first training session. Please contact and schedule a laser safety session.

Switching the warning light, above the LMD room entrance; it has to be switched on at the LMD session beginning and switched off at the end.


All users bringing live cells into the unit are responsible for:

A negative mycoplasma test for your cells.

Prior to your arrival: Inform us about any hazardous material you bring to the unit.