from WYEN Chairman
Dr. Christian Tidona

Curiosity-driven research is the driving force behind all the major innovations that have significantly improved life, changing the fate of humankind for the better. In 1928, Scottish microbiologist Alexander Fleming had not set out to discover the first antibiotic. But as he examined a mold-contaminated bacterial culture and interpreted the findings, he drew the right conclusions, and ever since penicillin is saving lives-  hundreds of millions of lives. What appeared as a minor observation in a small laboratory 90 years ago,ultimately made a huge impact on people's health world-wide.

The Weizmann Young European Network (WYEN) is a select group of science and business leaders from across Europe, who are passionate about harnessing their knowledge,experience,and success to create lasting social impact. Networking with inspiring peers, learning about cutting-edge science, and supporting exceptional research at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel,our members have set a course enabling curiosity lead the way to scientific discovery, for the benefit of humanity.

If you share our passion and would like to learn more about how to become a member of our network, please contact us and let us know what drives you!

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