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For candidates

The recipient will qualify for a position at the level of a Senior Intern at the Weizmann Institute of Science ( . She will be affiliated with a scientific faculty or department, will be given office space and access to other Institute facilities, but no lab space. The position is independent and does not require working with any particular research group. Except for travelling to the post-doc lab and other scientific meetings the focus of the work will be at the Weizmann Institute

For candidates


  1. Israeli women post-doctoral fellows who have been abroad for 2-4 years, and had to end their training there prematurely because of family/personal reasons.
  2. There are clear indications that the candidate is poised to compete for an academic position after this Bridge year. The evaluation is based on her accomplishments so far and the application must be supported by a faculty of the Weizmann Institute.


The application should include:

  1. CV and list of publications.
  2. A letter explaining the reasons for the termination of the post-doc and the plan for the Bridge year (1-2 page).
  3. Letters of recommendation from the post-doc advisor and from another scientist who is familiar with the candidate and her work.

Applications are accepted year round and should be submitted to the office for Advancing Women In Science,