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A mentoring program has been introduced at the Weizmann Institute of Science for female MSc students, graduate students and postdocs as an additional endeavor to advance women in science. Students are matched with female scientists who can provide support and encouragement in all matters concerning career advancement and direction, with the goal of providing these students with the extra confidence they need to succeed.

The program is led by Prof. Talila Volk from the Department of Molecular Genetics.

For more information, contact Limor Rimon.


"I value our conversations. Your support means a lot to me and you helped me a lot during a very difficult time in my PhD. So thank you so much, it was amazing knowing you and having you as my mentor".

"This is the second year I've participated in the mentoring program and I find it extremely useful, supportive and a great source for encouragement and consult. I greatly support this wonderful program and think it is important for young women to have a role model\ someone to consult with when it comes to family-career decisions or politics of the field, ” 

"We met a few times before I gave birth and one time after. It was helpfull and hopefully we will still meet in the future and it will be helpfull still. It helps me to be balanced, have and outside point of view and opinion on things"

"I took part in the mentorship program this year, and was extremely happy with it. I feel that it provided me exactly with what I was missing - someone I can talk to about the non-professional aspects of the scientific work.
My mentor really helped me with support and guidance at a crucial point in my scientific career (the mid-end of my PhD), and I am really grateful to her and to the program. For me it was a real success, and I think it has a lot to do with the personality of my mentor."