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4 Ways to get what you want

Date & time: November 12, 2018 | 12:00
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Lecturer: Marisa Sarfatti

Ever feel your ideas are not being heard? Often we think we express ourselves clearly to those around us. But the reality is – we don’t. In this presentation you will: By Marisa Sarfatti, Speak easy facilitators, business communication specialist 4 Ways to get what you want •Understand your style of communication and other people’s

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diverse styles •Learn to tailor your approach for different colleagues and speak to their specific needs •Get tools and tips for building valuable relationships within your research group, with your PI, and with external collaborators For improved Value: download your personalized communications ‘taster profile’! download the app from Google Play or App Store – Lumina Splash (Lumina Learning). 1. Please write your name 2. Click on the box ‘I am experiencing speed reading’ & write under Name of Practitioner ‘Marisa Sarfatti’
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"How to make to the most of your Ph.D", serious of meetings for Women students forums of the Weizmann Institute

Lecturer: Dr. Einat Zalckvar

It does not matter at which stage of your Ph.D. you are, or what your field of interest is - you probably found yourself wondering many times: “how can I finish a great Ph.D.? How can I maximize the chances to shine out in the next stage of my scientific

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career?” Often people believe that publishing a paper in one of the top notch journals is enough – but it’s not. If you spend your PhD only doing whatever is required for publishing such a paper you might be missing out on other important aspects of success. In this workshop we will discuss what can be done to make the most of your Ph.D. I will give you some ideas from my experience and you can also share yours. I encourage you to use this opportunity to take responsibility for your career, meet new students at a similar stage and support each other. Looking forward to meeting you, Einat Meeting #1 (9.10.18 12:00-13:30) - Introduction and How to make the most of your Ph.D. Meeting #2 (23.10.18 12:00-13:30) - Time management in the lab Meeting #3 (6.11.18 12:00-13:30) - Having a great project Meeting #4 (20.11.18 12:13:30) - Reading papers Meeting #5 (4.12.18 12:00-13:30) - Creating good communication with your PI and summary Dr. Einat Zalckvar is a mother of two and an assistant staff scientist at the department of Molecular Genetics.
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