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Mathematics and Computer Science forum

The Weizmann Women’s Forum in Computer Science and Mathematics includes MSc students, Ph.D. students, postdocs, and faculty members. The main goal of the forum is to strengthen the female community in the department through regular meetings that include soft skills workshops, talks with female role models, industry visits, and various other events and activities.

Our meetings are open to everyone.  It is the Weizmann forum FOR women in mathematics, not OF.  So long as you support equality and success of all genders, you are more than welcome at our meetings.  

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Phd-Stories Session

Date & time: March 28, 2022 | 13:00
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Lecturer: Chen Amiraz, Gil Goffer, and Heli Ben-Hamu

Chen Amiraz, Gil Goffer, and  Heli Ben-Hamu from our faculty will join us to tell her personal stories, give tips and open discussion!   Sushi will be provided by the department.   We will meet in the Asia garden near Ziskind.

Stress Reduction

Date & time: June 29, 2021 | 13:00
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Lecturer: Prof. Michael Leitner

  We'll meet on Tuesday, June 29, for a workshop on stress reduction with Professor Michael Leitner, from CSU, Chico.  We'll meet at the picnic tables near the fountain in front of Ziskind at 1 pm for lunch on Tuesday.    Prof. Michael Leitner has taught and conducted research on the topic of leisure

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and stress reduction both in the U.S. and Israel since 1981.  He has a Ph.D. in Recreation and Leisure from the University of Maryland and is the author of three major college textbooks: Leisure Enhancement, Leisure in Later Life, and Israeli Life and Leisure in the 21st Century.  In all of these books, there are chapters dealing with how to reduce stress.  Prof. Leitner has given talks at conferences and at numerous university campuses around the world.    
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The hiring process

Date & time: May 18, 2021 | 13:00
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Lecturer: Prof. Robi Krauthgamer

We'll meet for a conversation with our chair, Robi Krauthgamer, for a conversation about the hiring process for a tenure track job.   We'll meet at the picnic tables near the fountain in front of Ziskind at 1 pm for lunch on Tuesday. 

Personal Meeting with Dr. Tali Dekel

Lecturer: Dr. Tali Dekel

We are super excited to invite you to our first face-to-face meeting!! Tali Dekel from our department will join us to tell her personal story and open discussion. We will meet at 13:00 on Tuesday 20.04. Food will be provided by the department in the outdoor space near the pond in front of Ziskind. Please

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follow all safety guidelines, and in particular, we strongly recommend that everybody be vaccinated.
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How to manage (and create) opportunities for yourself

Lecturer: Dr. Lisa Kohl

We'll meet over lunch for an hour break at 13:00 on Monday 14.12; Lisa Kohl from CWI Amsterdam will join us for discussion/tips on managing (and creating) opportunities for yourself. Notice that we changed the day and time just for next week. We will have half of hour for Lisa's talk; after that, we will

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have time for questions and discussion.
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Dealing with imposter syndrome

Lecturer: Dr. Naomi Feldheim

We'll meet over lunch for a quick half-hour break at 12:30 on Tuesday 1.12.  Naomi Feldheim from Bar Ilan University will join us for discussion/tips on giving talks and dealing with imposter syndrome.    We'll keep the meeting open after 1 pm for open discussion :)