The Nella and Leon Benoziyo Center for Neurosciences

Yadin Dudai, Head (until August 2010)
The Sara and Michael Sela Professorial Chair of Neurobiology

Rafi Malach, Head (from September 2010)
The Barbara and Morris L. Levinson Professorial Chair in Brain Research

The Nella and Leon Benoziyo Center for Neurosciences was established in 1978. Since its creation, this center has been geared toward the promotion and support of studies of the nervous system at molecular, cellular, and multicellular levels. The Benoziyo Center supports the research of scientists in a wide range of fields at the Weizmann Institute, allowing them to unravel structure-function-activity relationships in the brain and to understand the complex neuronal mechanisms underlying learning, memory, and sensory processing (vision, taste, smell), as well as the relationship between brain and mind. Much time, intellectual effort, and financial resources still need to be devoted to further elucidate the mechanisms underlying neuroplasticity, neurosignaling cascades, network patterns, memory, and cognitive psychophysics. Solving the molecular basis of human brain disorders, such as Alzheimer's disease, is high on the list of priorities of the Benoziyo Center. The Center provides financial assistance to scientists initiating new projects and to some students in need of salaries. In addition, it provides a means for reknowned world neuroscientists to visit the Weizmann Institute, and supports travel of students to international or local Neuroscience meetings.