The Center for the Development of Scientific Resources

Haim Garty, Vice President
The Hella and Derrick Kleeman Professorial Chair of Biochemistry

The Weizmann Institute of Science maintains extensive core research support facilities. These include the biological services, chemical research support, veterinary resources and physical services units. The core facilities house 'heavy' equipment operated by expert staff scientists and engineers. Much of the work done by Weizmann faculty depends on the sophisticated equipment available in these core facilities. Under prevailing Weizmann Institute procedures and regulations, access to these facilities is possible also for users from other Universities as well as to Industry.

One goal of the Center for the Development of Scientific Resources is to provide funds in the form of competitive research grants that will permit the core facility personnel to devote time and resources for special tasks. These will include developing ways to get the most out of the existing equipment and improve its performances to address special research needs. Such support will be targeted to enable innovative solutions to many cases when researchers have specific non-standard demands that require specific adjustments of standard protocols or higher accuracy than manufacturer's standards. These developments may also require some instrumental upgrade in the form of additional components, improved software etc'. Thus, the Center will also support, when appropriate, equipment upgrade to address increasing performance demands. An additional goal of the Center is to provide funds to explore new ideas that require extensive use of expensive instrumentation.