The Dolfi and Lola Ebner Center for Biomedical Research

Haim Garty, Vice President
The Hella and Derrick Kleeman Professorial Chair of Biochemistry

The Dolfi and Lola Ebner Center for Biomedical Research promotes forefront research of human diseases at the molecular level. Studies addressing biochemical mechanisms that underlie the major threats to human health, such as cardiovascular defects, cancer and infectious diseases will be supported by the Center. In addition to investment in major instrumentation, individual grants are awarded in two categories:

  1. Start-up support - during the first three years after joining the Institute, selected investigators receive support for start-up and seed money, allowing for later applications to external granting agencies.

  2. A significant portion of the Center's resources supports research into the development of experimental models of human diseases, such as cancer and autoimmune disorders. Grants are generally based on applications to external grant foundations that have received ratings of very good or better but received insufficient funding to carry out the project.