The Carl and Micaela Einhorn-Dominic Center for Brain Research

Yadin Dudai, Head (until August 2010)
The Sara and Michael Sela Professorial Chair of Neurobiology

Rafi Malach, Head (from September 2010)
The Barbara and Morris L. Levinson Professorial Chair in Brain Research

The Einhorn-Dominic Institute of Brain Research was inaugurated in November 1996. Among its primary missions was the initiation of new activities in brain research at the Weizmann Institute, particularly those requiring collaborations among several disciplines in several faculties. This year we focused on the planning of WIS new human brain imaging facility (F-MRI and Electroencephalography) and supported joint molecular and cellular brain research.

The Einhorn-Dominic Institute policy is to encourage brain research in the Department of Neurobiology and all other faculties at the Weizmann Institute of Science targeted at the studies of higher brain functions. Funding decision are made by the Brain Research Institute's ad-hoc Committee. The Committee will assign higher priority to support multi-disciplinary research collaborations among scientists from different departments and faculties at the WIS. The current policy is to provide a few large grants. Such support may be granted for a few years, depending on the research progress accomplished after the first year.

This year the Dominic Institute funds were allocated to five researchers: Yadin Dudai, Efraim Yavin ,Ehud Ahissar, Misha Tsodyks, Henry Markram, Shabtai Barash and Amiram Grinvald.

In addition the Institute also hosted a number of eminent scientists from around the world, who gave lectures in our weekly Seminars. Visiting lecturers came to our campus from Freiburg University, The Hebrew University, Carnegie Mellon University, MIT, New York University, Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, Bar-Ilan University, Brandeis University and Cornell University.