The Center for Experimental Physics

Yosef Nir, Director
The Amos de Shalit Professorial Chair of Theoretical Physics

The Center for Experimental Physics was established in 2002. The main emphasis of the Center is to foster high-level research in all areas of experimental physics. The Center supports experimental efforts through human-contact activities, such as hosting experimental physicists visiting from abroad and post-doctoral trainees working with different experimental groups in the Institute. The Center also supports, partially or fully, small topical meetings and workshops. It also supplies partial help for the purchase and maintenance of special experimental equipment.

The research in Experimental Physics at the Weizmann Institute ranges from the most basic aspects of particle physics, usually carried in major facilities abroad, through experimental studies, at the Faculty laboratories, of basic material properties such as semiconductors and superconductors; of atomic, molecular, plasma and optical physics, to interdisciplinary studies of the physics of biological systems.