Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science


Dean: Zvi Artstein (until February 2010)
The Hettie H. Heineman Professorial Chair of Mathematics

Dean: David Peleg (from March 2010)
The Norman D. Cohen Professorial Chair of Computer Sciences

The Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science consists of two departments: the Department of Mathematics, and the Department of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics. The research is spread over many areas in mathematics, applied mathematics, and computer science.

There are no clear-cut lines separating the different areas, and many projects span more than one of them. The research itself ranges from abstract and very theoretical considerations within mathematics and computer science, through applying mathematics and computer science in other sciences, including Life Sciences, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering and the Social Sciences. It is not easy to divide the faculty members into well identified research groups, as there is a large overlap in research interests and expertise, an overlap that in turn contributes to the strength of the Faculty. Thus, the best way to see what is done in the Faculty is to read the research summaries for each of the departments and for each individual scientist.

The Faculty also hosts the The Arthur and Rochelle Belfer Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science, The John von Neumann Minerva Center for Development of Reactive Systems and the Moross Laboratory for Vision Research and Robotics.