The Murray H. and Meyer Grodetsky Center for Research
of Higher Brain Functions

Amiram Grinvald, Director
The Helen and Norman Asher Professorial Chair of Brain Research

General Activities

This center supports the research of Prof. Grinvald. Grinvald's research focus on the principles underlying cortical processing, perception and higher brain functions, and the so-called "neural code," a term referring to the strategies employed by neuronal networks in the brain to accomplish their remarkable function. The research tools used in order to "see" how the brain functions are two optical imaging techniques, one based on voltage-sensitive dyes, and the second on intrinsic signals. These explorations are combined with traditional neuroanatomical and neurophysiological techniques, and are guided by computational theories and modeling.

The combination of "real time" optical imaging and single unit recording has enabled to directly visualize the workings of neuronal assemblies, as well as the architecture and functioning of the mammalian cortex, in unprecedented detail. As a result, one can directly "see" how the brain works in real time, and some longstanding questions related to perception and higher cognitive functions were resolved including the functional architecture of primary visual cortex, the point spread function of cortical activity, the dynamics of shape processing, the interaction of neuronal activity with the micro-circulation and the spatio-temporal structure of on going activity of anesthetized and awake subjects indicating that functional connectivity must be explored in awake subjects.