The Kahn Family Research Center for Systems Biology of the Human Cell

Eytan Domany, Director
The Henry J. Leir Professorial Chair

The Center for Systems Biology was launched in 2003. The main emphasis of the Center is to foster high-level research in Systems Biology, a new and exciting area of highly interdisciplinary scientific investigation, based on intensive collaboration between medical researchers, biologists, chemists, physicists, engineers, mathematicians and computer scientists. To understand life at the system level, it is necessary to study biology on all scales, ranging from the molecular , via the cellular all the way to that of the multicellular organism. The research goals supported by the Center are

To help reach these goals, the Center will support purchase of scientific equipment, award research grants, research fellowships, organize and sponsor symposia and meetings, support student participation in conferences abroad and maintain a visitor program aimed at attracting high level researchers to visit the Weizmann Institute for short as well as long durations.

Research Fellowships: Two fellowships, of 10,000$ each, are awarded for Ph D students and post-doctoral Fellows.

Symposia: All Weizmann Faculty are invited to submit proposals for one or two day Symposia on subjects that are relevant to Systems Biology, by email to

Seminars: Monthly seminars are held under joint sponsorship of the Center and BigRoc, usually on the last Monday of each month.

Student travel grants: The Center for Systems Biology is awarding travel fellowships for Weizmann students who present papers/posters at conferences abroad. Awards will match funds provided by the student's advisor but will not exceed $500. Advisors who wish to apply for this award should send a letter (hard copy) and email to listing the students name, degree of studies, the subject of his/her research, title of talk, name and date of the conference, an estimate of the travel costs and the source of the travel allocation (which is supplemented by the contribution of the Center).