The Helen and Martin Kimmel Center for Molecular Design

David Milstein, Director
The Israel Matz Professorial Chair of Organic Chemistry

The Helen and Martin Kimmel Center for Molecular Design is aimed at the design and synthesis of organic and organometallic molecules of novel properties and at the development of new synthetic methodology. Cooperation between scientists working on various aspects of these areas is strongly encouraged.

The Center deals currently with the following topics:

The design and synthesis of novel metal-binding coordination compounds with special chemical properties.

Development of methodology for the synthesis and structural modification of organic compounds of importance for the pharmaceutical- and fine chemical industries.

Development of novel molecular catalysts for efficient, selective and environmentally friendly processes of high industrial and academic interest.

The design and synthesis of biomimetic transition-metal coordination compounds.

The synthesis of novel metal-containing chromophores as selective sensors at ppm levels.

Development and application of theoretical calculations of molecular properties and computational studies of the reactivity of organic and organometallic molecules.

The synthesis of new conducting polymers.

Non-covalent synthesis by self assembly.