The M.D. Moross Institute for Cancer Research

Yoram Groner, Director
The Dr. Barnet Berris Professorial Chair of Cancer Research

The M.D. Moross Institute for Cancer Research, established in November 1998 with a generous founding endowment made by the Manfred D. Moross Foundation, will be dedicated to the promotion of excellent cancer research at the Weizmann Institute.

The M.D. Moross Institute aims to promote, facilitate and enhance cancer related research at the Weizmann Institute. To this end the M.D. Moross Institute will work as an umbrella institute encompassing other Weizmann Institute centers and some major funds that are involved in cancer research, in order to achieve a campus-wide synergy in cancer research.

Cancer related research constitutes more than half of all Weizmann Institute activities in the Life Sciences, involving close to 50 groups (approximately 350 people). This breadth is a result of the Institute's inherently interdisciplinary nature, and is a feature that is likely to become even more prominent in the years to come, as disciplines overlap each other's domains and coalesce to create new areas of expertise. Seminal contributions of Weizmann Institute scientists often cannot be realized due to a hiatus in critical funding during the post-discovery period. The M.D. Moross Institute for Cancer Research will provide this timely and significant support.

The main areas of support include: