Physics Services


Amos Breskin, Head
The Walter P. Reuther Professorial Chair of Research in the Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy

The Physics Services, comprising of five different units, offers advanced services in particle accelerators, electronics, data acquisition, vacuum and cryogenics, thin films and mechanical workshop. These units provide services to the scientific groups throughout the institute as well as to various external users. The structure of the Physics Services is:

  1. Accelerator Laboratory (Prof. M. Hass, in charge)
    Operation of the 14 MV Pelletron accelerator and the 2 MV VDG accelerator

  2. Electronics and Data Acquisition (Dr. L. Levinson, in charge)
    DAQ solutions to research problems
    Electronics design and construction
    Repair of sophisticated electronic instruments
    Real-time DAQ software

  3. UHV, cryogenics and thin films (Dr. M. Rappaport, in charge)
    Consultation and design for experimental systems
    Thin films deposition: evaporation, sputtering, electron-gun, rolling

  4. Data acquisition (Dr. E. Segre, in charge)
    Consultation and design of on-line data acquisition, image processing, etc...

  5. Mechanics workshop (Y. Asher, in charge) 



Amos Breskin1, Dr. Ing., University of Grenoble, France
      The Walter P. Reuther Professor of Research in the Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy

Senior Staff Scientists

Oded Heber, Ph.D., Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel
Lorne Levinson, Ph.D., Brown University, Providence, United States
Michael Rappaport, Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley, United States

Associate Staff Scientist

Enrico Segre, Ph.D., University of Turin, Turin, Italy


Gedalia Perelman, M.Sc., Polytechnical University, Russian Federation
Alexander Roich, M.Sc., Technological Institute for Electricity and Communication, Tashkent


Kobi Ben-Shmuel

1Department of Particle Physics and Astophysics