The David and Fela Shapell Family Center for Genetic Disorders Research

Yoram Groner, Director
The Dr. Barnet Berris Professorial Chair of Cancer Research

The David and Fela Shapell Family Center for Genetic Disorders Research was established by David and Fela Shapell in honor of Jacob Shapell, their beloved grandson, to support research on Down syndrome and other genetic disorders. The Center's main objective is to promote the investigation of molecular genetic aspects of Down syndrome and other genetic disorders, with the aim of understanding the molecular mechanisms by which altered genotype leads to altered phenotype.

The Shapell Center provides financial assistance to investigators embarking on new projects in the field of molecular genetics, as well as to interdisciplinary research collaborations between groups using the infrastructure of the Facility for Genetically Modified Animals (a.c Transgenic Facility). Funds are also allocated to facilitate research activities in the Transgenic Facility and for the purchase of new equipment with the aim of upgrading the technical infrastructure of the facility.

The Shapell Center also supports the organization of international and local conferences and workshops aimed at disseminating and promoting communication between researchers in fields related to medical genetics.

The activities of the Center are coordinated by a steering committee, including Yoram Groner (Department of Molecular Genetics), Ori Peles (Department of Molecular Cell Biology), Ari Elson (Department of Molecular Genetics) and David Wallach (Department of Biological Chemistry).