The Women's Health Research Center

Varda Rotter, Director
The Norman and Helen Asher Professorial Chair of Cancer Research

The Woman's Health Research Center is interested in promoting studies on gender -related physiology and disorder leading to specific pathologies. The center, focused on issues concerning fertility, cancer and osteoporosis, is trying to bridge between between basic research and clinical studies. The center supports basic research in ovarian function, such as the regulation of female germ cell development into an ovum, capable of fertilization and embryonic development. Any impairment in these processes may lead to infertility. Basic research in this area led to remarkable achievements in the development of assisted reproductive techniques and offers high hope improve human health through advances in stem cell research and therapeutic cloning. Another focus of the center are gender specific malignancies. It is well accepted that various cancer types are greatly dependent on hormonal control and thus better understanding of the relationship between gender specific tumors and hormones that may contribute to better diagnosis and therapy of such tumors. Support of the center of basic research on the structure and development of bones is directly pertaining to the development of osteoporosis and its potential cure.