The Yad Abraham Research Center for Cancer Diagnostics and Therapy

Varda Rotter, Head (until October 2010)
The Norman and Helen Asher Professorial Chair of Cancer Research

Elior Peles, Head (from November 2010)
The Hanna Hertz Professorial Chair for Multiple Sclerosis and Neuroscience

The Yad Abraham Research Center for Cancer Diagnostics and Therapy was established in 1998 to promote cancer research, and in particular for the development of new avenues for early detection of malignant processes and of novel therapeutic approaches. The Center supports research projects focusing on the genetic basis for cancer, including the characterization of oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes and studies on the relationships between cancer and programmed cell death. Special attention is given to studies concerning the relationship between malignant processes studied in vitro and in experimental animals and those associated with human cancer. The Center promotes interdisciplinary studies combining molecular approaches at the cellular level with studies at the level of the intact organism.

The Center supported in 2003 studies on the regulation of p53 and its target genes in human cancer. It promoted development of new approaches for harnessing ovarian cancer and address the role of cell-cell and cell-matrix adhesion in cancer and in cancer metastasis.

The center is currently supporting a series of seminars organized by Prof. Dov Zipori on stem cell biology.