The Ilse Katz Institute for Material Sciences and Magnetic Resonance Research

Yehiam Prior, Director
The Sherman Professorial Chair of Physical Chemistry

The Institute was established in November 2000 with a generous founding endowment made by the Ilse Katz Foundation. The Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry is the Director.

The Institute is dedicated to the promotion of excellent research in the fields of materials and magnetic resonance at the Weizmann Institute. Both fields represent to date spear points of technologically advanced interdisciplinary research, encompassing topics ranging from medicine to physics, through chemistry and biology. Large investments are required in infrastructure and instrumentation, including support for the personnel responsible for the laboratories. This is the main focus of the Ilse Katz Institute. In addition, the Ilse Katz Institute encourages and supports young investigators committed to advanced research in any field of materials and magnetic resonance.