02.07.18 EFI-Optitex is looking for 3D engineers

EFI-Optitex is looking for 3D engineers

Become a part of the cutting edge computer graphics technology, making Hollywood-style cloth simulation effects. We are a small team of motivated professionals. Looking for enthusiastic 3D software engineers that could help us make impossible possible.

The role will involve, but is not limited to:

  • Take part in design, implementation and maintenance of tools, algorithms and core libraries related to our 3D workflow in areas such as rendering, 3D geometry processing, physical cloth simulation and character animation.

Job Requirements:

  • BA, B.Sc and/or M.Sc in Computer Science, Physics or Math. Mechanical Engineers with strong programming experience are welcome;
  • Experience in Computer Graphics programming, at least one of the following areas: Geometry processing/Computational geometry; Rendering (OpenGL, DirecX) – including programmable shaders (HLSL, GLSL, CG, etc.); Physical simulation or FEM/FEA;
  • Candidates with background in related areas such as CAD, Computer Vision, Image Processing/ Simulation will also be considered;
  • Strong programming skills C++, C# and Python- advantage;
  • Parallel programming (OpenMP/TBB)- advantage;
  • GPGPU (CUDA/OpenCL)- advantage;
  • Familiarity with Eigen, MKL, OpenMesh, Unity3d, OpenSceneGraph- advantage;
  • OOD/ OOP skills (Object Oriented Development / Object Oriented Programming) are a Must; working knowledge in design patterns – advantage.
  • Basic familiarity with 3D linear algebra and calculus – advantage.
  • Ability to read and implement academic papers (SIGGRAPH) – advantage.
  • Personal skills: independent and self-motivated, able to work closely with in house and remote users, excellent team player.


Park Afek, Rosh HaAyin, Israel, R&D.

To Apply email: optitex.jobs@optitex.com