Electro Optics Physicist – Oryx Vision

Job description:

Define test and analyze optics and laser aspects of coherent LIDAR system


  • Build, operate and analyze data of optical lab setups.
  • Assemble, align and characterize gas lasers.
  • Hands on integration and alignment procedures of optics and lasers in an electro-optic system.


  1. MSc. Or PhD in Electro-Optics/Physics.
  2. Deep understanding of optical systems.
  3. Experience in lab work with lasers.
  4. Practical knowledge in Optics and electro-optical setups and systems.
  5. Hands-on experience with Matlab.
  6. Team player.
  7. Ability and willingness to work in a dynamic startup environment.

Contact us:

Hadas Steinfeld, hadas@oryxvision.com