Assay Development - Research Assistant

Assay Development - Research Assistant
Job description: 

The research assistant will join the biology team and will take part in advancing innovation projects throughout the product life cycle for Labrador.


●  Hands-on assay development of colorimetric quantification assays.

●  Writing protocols.

●  Literature deep dives.

●  Lab operations.


●  MSc. in biology, biochemistry, molecular/cell biology.

●  1-2 years of laboratory experience (advantage).

●  Experience with colorimetric detection assay (e.g. ELISA).

●  Experience in Lateral Flow Immunoassay. (advantage).

●  Strong quantitative intuition, excellent experimental design and data analysis

    skills, including presenting experimental data.

●  High level of enthusiasm, energy, and motivation.

●  Comfortable with a startup environment -- easily switch from one task to another.

●  Fluent in English.

Job location: 
Tel Aviv