Biopharma R&D Senior Scientist

Biopharma R&D Senior Scientist
Job description: 

Your Role:

A great opportunity arises with our company. As a senior scientist, you will be involved and will contribute to team efforts in the discovery and development of protein-based therapeutics and/or technologies that support the discovery and development of such molecules.
You will be involved in projects that require expertise in molecular, cellular, analytical techniques and computational biology. You will Implement state-of-the-art technologies to ensure the execution, accuracy, and reproducibility of experiments within time constraints, in line with set objectives. You will have an active part in project planning and decisions. All while maintaining good atmosphere and working in collaboration with other members of the department in an open, friendly, creative, and good working relationship.

Who You Are:

  • Ph.D. in Biology
  • Background in Immunology or cancer biology - a significant advantage
  • Creative and innovation-oriented
  • Able to plan, establish and conduct experiments independently; analyze and present results
  • Able to plan project timelines and determine experimental priorities
  • Experience with bioinformatic tools, cell-based assays, and recombinant protein technology is preferable
  • Good oral and written English
  • Effective verbal and written communication skills
  • Excellent interpersonal relationships
  • Familiarity with project teamwork
  • Industry experience – an advantage
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