Postdoc position in an exciting computational-biology project

Tel-Aviv University
Postdoc position in an exciting computational-biology project
Postdoc description: 

We seek for talented candidates with inclination to software coding and biology for an EU funded postdoc position in a fascinating research project.

Prof. Uri Nevo's lab is located in the department of Biomedical Engineering.

The project combines state of the art software architectures and agent based modeling of complex biological systems.

Candidates should have a PhD in biomedical engineering, electrical/computer engineering, computer sciences or similar.

Start time: immediate


  • You will participate in the development effort and collaborate with other software engineers and research scientists.
  • You will develop mathematical models of biological and biophysical processes.
  • You are expected to develop high-quality code that allows for both high-performance and easily understandable software.
  • You will apply technologies such as high-performance computing (including GPU), front-end UI, multi-threading and more.
  • You should be passionate about software practices that produce maintainable code, including: testing, continuous integration, code style conformity, versioning, documentation and code review.
Tel-Aviv / Israel