Experienced or Graduates of PhD degree in Physics


Intel is seeking Experienced or Graduates of PhD degree in Physics

No one else sees the world like you do. We’ve been looking for that.


What does Intel have to offer you?

The world's best products require the world's best professionals.

Intel invites you to bring your knowledge in Process Engineering as well as your research capabilities to our Technology and Manufacturing group at Kiryat-Gat.

Our group manages the large scale production of Intel’s next generation processors, the most cutting edge technology in the world of semiconductors. In order for us to continue and deepen our legacy and culture of excellence, we are seeking Process professionals, to contribute from their own unique knowledge and academic experience in various roles – each one differing in the stage/area of the production process.

At Intel you will find a warm home for people who are driven by excellence, curiosity, team work, and collaboration.

You will find many experienced professionals at the top of their field to learn from and influence.

You will find a welcoming, inclusive organizational culture that takes great care of employee well-being.

***The opportunity is open to both experienced and non-experienced professionals.

The position is at Intel’s manufacturing center located in Kiryat-Gat. We offer our employees a wide and convenient transportation service from many locations in Israel.

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