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NLP/Deep Learning Expert for the Debater team (Project Debater)
Do you want to be part of IBM’s latest AI Grand Challenge? To influence how computers interact with people to help them make better decisions?
Our team is developing Project Debater, the first AI system that can debate humans on complex topics

We are making scientific breakthroughs and developing core technologies that will facilitate intelligent debate, and help people make evidence-based decisions when the answers aren’t black-and-white. In development since 2012, Project Debater is IBM’s next big milestone for AI, following previous breakthroughs like Deep Blue (1996/1997) and Watson on Jeopardy! (2011).
But the ability to debate is just the beginning. We are developing next generation language understanding and computational argumentation technologies that will drive use cases related to deep research on topics and decision making.

We are seeking a researcher to join the team. The ideal candidate should have strong expertise and hands-on experience in the areas of natural language processing and/or deep learning. They must also have a proven publication record and the ability to carry out world-class research. The researcher should also have programming and system development skills and should be able to deploy software individually and as part of an extended team.

If you are interested to join a dynamic group of great researches, working together to push the frontiers of intelligent systems, this is the job for you!
Required Professional and Technical Expertise : 

Candidate qualifications
·    Graduate degree with academic research and hands on experience in natural language processing and/or deep learning.
·    Programming knowledge and experience. Java is an advantage.
·    A real team player.


Computer Vision Deep Learning Researcher
Are you a Computer Vision and Deep Learning expert with a passion for tackling hard problems and publishing their innovative solutions at top quality conferences? Are you a visionary that loves to come up with bright new ideas, prove their business worth, and lead them all the way to successful results? Can you deliver robust, high-quality code? If this describes you, then the Multimedia Analytics (MMA) department at IBM Haifa Research Labs is the right place for you.
The department specializes in computer vision, deep learning, video analytics and 3D vision to develop research assets and mature them into cutting edge AI technology. As an MMA Researcher you will analyze technological, business and functional requirements and translate them into quick prototypes, minimal viable products and research publications.

Major responsibilities
Research, design, implement and evaluate novel computer vision and deep learning algorithms
Collaborate closely with team members to drive solutions and services from prototype to delivery
Collaborate with research groups spread all over the world expanding IBM’s global research assets
Work closely with software engineering teams to drive scalable, real-time implementations
Author and present outstanding research publications in top academic venues

Position location: Tel Aviv or Haifa site.
Required Professional and Technical Expertise
MSc or PhD in the field of Computer Vision, Machine learning or related domains
knowledge of and experience in state-of-the-art computer vision and machine learning and deep learning technologies
sound experience in MATLAB or Python
experience in understanding and implementing computer vision algorithms using open-source and self-developed code
Preferred Professional and Technical Expertise
Publications at top quality peer-reviewed conferences or journals (e.g. ICCV, ECCV, CVPR, NIPS, ICML)
Proven track record of innovation in creating novel algorithms and advancing the state of the art
Experience working with large datasets and major Deep Learning platforms (e.g. TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch)


Machine Learning Researcher for Healthcare and Life Sciences team
Do you want to influence and improve the health of people around the world? Are you interested in developing AI solutions for teaching computers to support patients' and physicians’ decisions?
The  Machine Learning for Healthcare and Life Sciences team is a multidisciplinary team of scientists, developing cutting edge machine learning, data mining, and statistical tools that are tackling an array of industry challenges in healthcare. These include  predictive analytics and causal inference for decision support, data-driven drug repurposing, medical device analytics, and the modelling of various diseases and disorders.  
We are seeking a researcher to join the team. The ideal candidate should possess a doctorate in computer science, medical informatics, biostatistics or other related fields, with a demonstrated track record of developing advanced statistics, machine learning, or deep learning techniques to solving real world healthcare problems. They must also have a proven publication record and the ability to carry out world-class research. In addition to being technically abreast of the literature and progress within the specific and related areas of expertise, the candidate should be able to generate highly novel ideas and be involved in their execution and implementation. The researcher should also have programming and system development skills and should be able to deploy software individually and as part of an extended team.
Required Professional and Technical Expertise 
PhD. or higher degree in computer science and statistics or medical informatics or computational biology.
Proven code development skills
English: Fluent


Medical Imaging Deep Learning Researcher

Would you like to take part  transforming healthcare by teaching computers to ‘see’ and understand medical images? If you’ve dreamed of working on a meaningful project that has impact on medical care, this is the place for you.

Our work involves rewarding research that is advancing today’s image analytics into uncharted territory. We’re looking for a researcher who will  join us invent and explore.

Job responsibilities
•    Invent, design, implement and test new deep learning methods to push the boundaries in the fields of computer vision and medical imaging
•    Document research results through external publications, patent disclosures, seminar participation, and more *Required Professional and Technical Expertise 
•    PhD in Computer Science/Electrical Engineering or related fields
•    Previous experience in computer vision and deep-learning addressing challenges of  classification, segmentation, and multi-modal analysis 
•    Programming in Python, knowledge in Matlab 
•    Strong proven software engineering skills is an advantage
•    Post-doc and proven experience in Computer Vision / Machine Learning / Deep Learning is an advantage
•    Team player
Position location: Haifa and Tel Aviv


ML/Natural Language Processing Researcher
Would you like to develop cutting-edge AI language technologies for IBM’s Watson Assistant? 
We’re looking for an enthusiastic researcher working in AI, machine learning or NLP to help us craft the future Watson Assistant, push the boundaries on the state-of-the-art in language understanding, intent classification, and learning from human interactions, and advance the conversation capabilities that exist today. All this, using machine learning, NLP,  and deep learning methods.  
Working as part of our team means you can bring your ideas to life through the full cycle of defining the research challenge, performing the research, and innovating to solve and implement it. You will publish your research in top conferences, deliver it, and watch it come to life in products.
If you love to create innovative algorithms, are passionate about applying technology to real-life problems, think out-of-the-box, and are interested in joining a group of top researchers solving challenging problems – your place is with us! 

Job responsibilities 
•    Conduct research in the area of language and conversation, and publish in top AI conferences
•    Efficiently implement algorithms and run experiments on real data
•    Develop algorithms as software components and support their integration into IBM products 
Why join us now?   Now is your chance to influence the next generation of conversation and assistants!
Candidate qualifications
•    PhD or MSc in computer science or related fields 
•    Excellent academic record in one or more of the following fields: machine learning, natural language processing, and information retrieval 
•    Hands on experience in writing code in Java and/or Python
•    Innovative thinking, creativity, and self-learning
*Preferred Professional and Technical Expertise 
•    Excellent programming and engineering skills
•    Previous work experience in NLP, deep learning, and/or big data platforms and algorithms