motivated molecular biologist

The Fleishman lab is looking for a motivated molecular biologist
to join a cutting edge antibody design project.

ü M.Sc. in biology or related fields.
Highly experienced candidates with B.Sc. may also apply.
ü Deep knowledge in protein biochemistry.
ü Experience in DNA cloning techniques and software.
ü Advantage for candidates with experience in high throughput FACS screening.

Job description:
We are developing a pipeline for computational antibody design that will allow the
generation of high-affinity site-specific antibodies for therapeutic applications.
The work will involve high throughput DNA library design, cloning and experimental
screening using yeast-surface display and FACS. Protein expression, purification and
biophysical characterization may also be required in later stages.

For more information please contact

Ravit Netzer or Adi Goldenzweig