Physics / Electro Optics -Team Leader

RailVision is a vibrating and fast-growing multidisciplinary startup headquartered in Ra'anana. We deal with the latest Electro-Optic solutions, State-of-the-art cameras, Fusion Sensor technology, and develop Deep Learning, High-Speed and, High Performance, Real-Time Vision systems for railway operators all over the world. An opportunity to be part of a very talented team and work with the most advanced technology today.

Job Description
In your role, you will lead our talented Operations Research team that deals with physics and Electro-optics. Your team will specify requirements, define performance criteria and plan field tests for advanced visible and thermal infrared imaging systems.
In addition, you will be responsible for developing performance analysis and operations research methodologies for the testing and qualification of our systems, based on advanced modeling and simulation tools of scenarios, environmentals and dynamics.

• MSc. or PhD in Electro-Optics/Physics
• At least 5 years of experience in relevant development and evaluation processes
• Experience in system simulation development
• Experience in image analysis, processing and quality criteria
• Expertise in imaging simulation and evaluation tools
• Extensive knowhow in Matlab, Simulink and other platforms
• Team player with the ability to work in a dynamic environment
• Experience as a team leader
• Knowledge in photometric and radiometric imaging processes
• Familiarity with the statistics of systems operations research
• Knowledge in camera design principles

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