Post-doctoral position at NYU

The Evrony Lab (PI: Gilad Evrony) is a new lab at New York University (NYU), whose mission is to understand the mechanisms by which the genome builds the brain and to identify the molecular-genetic defects underlying neuropsychiatric diseases whose causes are not known. The lab will be focused on creating foundational new technologies for genomics and neuroscience in order to answer these questions.

Some of the research interests and approaches used by the lab include:

  • the creation of novel, single-cell sequencing technologies for high-resolution lineage tracing directly in human tissues with the goal of establishing a complete catalogue of progenitor and mature cell types in the brain
  • the development of genomics technologies to identify the cellular origins of individual brain tumors
  • comparative medicine and genomics
  • pediatric precision medicine—using advanced genomics to find the causes of unsolved diseases in children with atypical and rare conditions

The lab is currently recruiting post-doctoral fellows. A background in molecular and/or computational biology is recommended, but we are building an interdisciplinary team and will consider individuals with scientific experience in other fields. To apply, e-mail a CV and a brief letter of interest to Dr. Evrony at For more information visit


About the PI: Dr. Evrony received his undergraduate degree from MIT. He served in the Intelligence Division of the Israel Defense Forces and completed an M.D. and Ph.D. at Harvard Medical School, with graduate research at Boston Children's Hospital. In his prior research, he developed the first single-cell genomics technologies applied to the human brain, revealing previously unseen somatic mutations in normal and diseased brains. He has been recognized with the Science Magazine-Eppendorf award and the MIT Technology Review world’s top innovators under 35 award (TR35). Dr. Evrony completed clinical training in pediatrics at Mount Sinai Hospital before coming to NYU. The Evrony lab is affiliated with the NYU School of Medicine Center for Human Genetics and Genomics, the Dept. of Neuroscience and Physiology, the Dept. of Pediatrics, and Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital.