Research assistant

Pepticom Ltd. is looking for a talented research assistant to join its team

Position Overview:
Pepticom is a multi-disciplinary, drug discovery company, employing computational chemists, biologists and pharmacists. Pepticom developed a unique AI platform for the discovery of novel peptides for use in the pharmaceutical and agriculture industries. Applicant for the current position will participate in discovery efforts of candidate lead molecules and pre-clinical development of novel therapeutics for the treatment of diverse diseases and unresolved agriculture-related issues The candidate will be part of Pepticom’s team, working at its laboratory at the high-tech park in Givat-Ram campus, Jerusalem.

• BSc or MSc in biology or equivalent degree.
• Three years of experience of working in a relevant lab.
• Strong background in biochemistry and molecular biology.
• Direct training with hands-on experience in molecular biology (e.g. N.A./protein extraction, PCR, molecular cloning), immune-assays (e.g. WB, IF, ELISA, IP), in-vitro biochemical assays (e.g. enzymatic kinetics) and/or bacterial and cell cultures techniques (e.g. transfections, reporter assays).
• Must be familiar with concepts in molecular binding and ligand-receptor recognition. Previous experience with techniques for quantifying biomolecular interactions is an advantage (e.g. SPR, MST).
• Must be pro-active and highly motivated to perform research and discovery.
• Organized and details oriented, as well as creative with good problem-solving orientation.
• Strong verbal and written communication skills with excellent collaborative and interpersonal skills.
• Recommendations (one or more) from relevant academic supervisors or employers.
• Previous experience in scientific writing is an important and desirable advantage.

• We are looking for responsible people with excellent technical skills, capable of tackling obstacles and work independently. We are looking for responsive people, who wants to be involved and take charge on the work that has to be done.
• The successful candidate will be expected to independently design well controlled experiments, prepare and execute them in an accurate manner and analyze the results.
• The successful candidate will have to present the data accumulated in the different projects and write detailed reports.
• The successful candidate will also be responsible for performing accompanying every-day duties
related to the lab.
Preferred Experience:
• Programming expertise (e.g. Python, R)
• Bioinformatic expertise

If you are looking to work in a professional, vibrant and exciting environment, utilizing an innovative technology that makes drug discovery easier, then our team IS LOOKING FOR YOU TOO!

Please send your CV to Shaul: