SensoGenic is seeking for a research associate

We are hiring!

We are seeking for a research associate to join our R&D Team within SensoGenic.

We solve challenging technical problems involving development of a novel sensor to characterize food allergens.

What You Will Do

The work involves the development of instrumentation and methods related to Biochemistry and Optics, new techniques, customized instrumentation, and validation measurements. There will be opportunities to work in a wide range of areas, to innovate, and to present work to potential investors and at conferences.

What You Need

Job Requirements:

• Strong background and hands-on experience in one or more areas: sensor technologies, wave propagation and scattering, signal processing, computer-controlled experimentation.

• Fluency in one or more computer programming languages (e.g., LabView, Python, Matlab, etc.,).

Education: A PhD, M.A in Applied Physics or related fields.

• Possess extensive hands-on experience in designing and conducting experiments.

• Excellent communication skills (both oral and written)

• Able to work effectively as a part of a team in a multi-disciplinary environment and interact effectively with people with a variety of expertise.


Please send applications and CV to:

or on LinkedIn (